• "No matter what each day brings, take time to enjoy the rainbows."

    -Johnnise Tisdale


    Hope 4 You, LLC (H4Y) is a behavioral health organization that offers a continuum of hope through recovery-oriented treatment in the home and community to individuals and families in the Washington metropolitan area.

    H4Y utilizes a recovery-oriented approach in the home and community to individuals and families living in the Washington Metropolitan area. Although H4Y services are available to anyone affected by behavioral health issues, H4Y strives to target its services to African American males ages 18-30 and individuals experiencing symptoms of severe mental illness such as Bipolar and Schizophrenia.

    "It is the rare and strong person that can carry their trauma without having it spill into the next generation."

    ―Bruce Perry

    All treatment begins with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and development of a treatment plan with the individual and/or family. Utilizing a strengths-based and trauma informed approach, H4Y promotes healing for individuals and families affected by depression, psychosis, PTSD, grief & loss, and many other mental health issues. H4Y truly believes in empowering individuals and families to understand that their voice and choice throughout treatment is paramount. Utilizing this approach encompasses the patient’s strengths, family connections, and natural supports. H4Y recognize that true recovery for individuals and families dealing with behavioral health issues does not have to happen in a vacuum. Therefore, treatment collaboration, case coordination and referrals throughout treatment are all harmonized within treatment to ensure a holistic approach for the patient’s recovery.

    In addition to in-home treatment, H4Y provides consulting services to other behavioral health organizations and individuals who may be in need of external expertise in the areas of child welfare, treating severe mental illness, trainings, clinical technical assistance, and more.

    H4Y believes no matter how difficult your mental health issue, there is always hope available for you.

    If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled you,
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